J.G. van der Valk Vastgoed was founded in 1987. We are a family company.

John van der Valk has years of experience in project development, structural engineering and brokerage. He likes the share his knowledge with others and is a popular guest speaker, teacher / trainer at various universities of applied sciences, training centres and internal training at companies and organizations.

Henny van der Valk assists her husband and works at the office.

Initially we only focused on renting out our own real estate portfolio, which was mainly comprised of fully furnished apartments that were rented out to (international) companies and organizations. Because the tenants were very pleased with our approach and an increasing amount of people wanted to rent out their apartment through us, we decided to expand our services as broker with the rental of houses and apartments of third parties. So far this has been very successful, which has led to a well running company with many big, well-known national and international organizations who make repeated use of our services.

Our services also continued to expand.

We offer an increasing amount of services to the expats, think of picking up and returning expats for viewings of apartments or picking them up from and bringing them to the airport Schiphol. Also provisions for the first few days after the arrival of an expat or a welcoming bouquet from the boss are services we take care of regularly.

Because van der Valk Vastgoed has expertise in both structural engineering as well as project development, next to the broking activities, we have helped an increasing amount of companies and organizations with the all of the accommodation problems and questions. We are often asked to accommodate a whole company (temporarily e.g. for a construction project) or to improve the current accommodation of personnel by finding more suitable alternatives. We have also assisted in the development of office space or working areas.